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PMC & Glass Fusing Kiln

The new kiln is a lightweight, portable oven designed for tabletop use for metal clay, fusing, enameling and ceramics up to 1900 F (1035 C). With double the insulation of many other kilns this size, it heats quickly and the outside stays cooler. Connect it to the new OC-1 Temperature Controller, your existing controller or operate manually using a power strip and pyrometer, all sold separately. Plugs into a common 120 volt household electrical outlet. Takes kiln shelves up to 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm), sold separately. - Very light weight - made of vacuum formed high temperature fiber with a stainless steel jacket. - The top shell weights a mere 7.5 lbs. - Heating elements are embedded inside the fiver for safety and efficiency. For a limited time - comes with a FREE extra base. MSRP $352.00

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Klin Controller

The new OC-1 Temperature Controller is a complete, stand alone controller ready to use. Holds 20 programs, all of which are user definable. 14 commonly used programs for the metal clay (PMC, Precious Metal Clay, Silver Art Clay), artistic glass (fusing, beadmaking) and enamel industries have already been programmed into the temperature controller for your convenience. All of can be modified, changed or deleted by the user. Program 1:Jewelry scale fusing for soft glasses-1500F #2: Jewelry scale fire polish for soft glasses-1275F #3:Jewelry scale slumping for soft glasses-1400F #4:PMC Standard-High temp-1650F #5:PMC Plus, PMC3 & Silver Art Clay-High temp-1650F #6:PMC Plus & Silver Art Clay-Middle temperature-1650F #7:PMC Plus & Silver Art Clay-Low temperature-1450F #8:PMC Plus & Silver Art Clay w/glass-Low temp-1470F #9:PMC3-Middle temp-1290F #10:PMC3-Low temp-1200F #11:PMC3-Lowest temp-1100F #12:PMC3 w/glass-Middle temp-1290F #13:PMC3 w/glass-Low temp-1200F #14:PMC3 w/glass-Lowest temp-1100F #15-20: Your own custom programs. Plugs into a common household electrical outlet. Use for any 120V kiln, up to 14 amps. Use as a programmable controller. Programs can be from 1 to 32 steps. Use as a simple Set Point controller. Switchable between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Comes with a Type K thermocouple. Other thermocouple types can also be used. MSRP $352.00

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Kiln & Controller Combo

Combo Package - Kiln and controller Plus for a limited time a FREE EXTRA BASE. MSRP $587.50

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